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Tuesday 29 January 2008

Sieg C3 Mini-lathe

I felt I needed to get back into some amateur telescope making so I've bought myself a Mini-lathe. I'll be using it to make adapters and the like for my scopes and cameras. it should be fun. There's quite a bit of useful information on the web. Tom How's site is a good read, especially for those starting out. His advice is based on his experiences starting up a home workshop, and getting the most out of these machines. On his site you will find links to other relevant sites.
As I progress I may post articles on what i learn if I think they will be of interest. I bought the lathe and a starter kit from Arc Euro Trade Ltd in Leicester, They were most helpful.

I also bought a bandsaw from Chester UK Ltd. This is a super bit of kit, which makes light work of preparing stock for lathe and other projects.


Unknown said...

Mine arrives from Arc Europe later this week. I shall prepare it myself to learn how it works. At 66I hope it is not too late!


Greg Beeke said...

Hi Ricardo,
I'm very pleased with the C3. I used the Article on the arceuro website to prepare the lathe. it was very helpful.