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Saturday, 28 April 2007

Borg 100ED F/4

The Borg range of scopes are made by Tomy in Japan, but they are certainly not toys! It can be quite confusing when buying a Borg as they need to be configured to suit your needs. You can end up wading through on-line catalogues working out what you need. the optical quality of the ED lenses is is excellent, should next to no colour when in focus. I have in the past owned the 76ED, which I loved. I never thought I'd part with it as it met all my needs for a short focal length refractor, but about a year ago I got the chance to buy a Borg 100ED F/4. This is the 115mm tube variant with built in field flattener/reducer capable of use with Pentax 67 cameras. I thought this would make a great partner for my Yankee Robotics Trifid 2 6303 imager. I was not wrong. Optical quality is excellent and the cell is even collimatable. It breaks down into small component making it suitable for airline travel. It is more versatile than my 76ED, but I still miss the latter.

The optical configuration is shown here

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