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Monday, 23 April 2007

NGC3628 in Leo

I don't know how messier missed this one in his classification of major nebulae as its certainly the star attraction of the Leo Trio.

I recently acquired a s/h VC200L (high res/aperture withdrawl Roll Eyes) After a bit of a trial getting it collimated - these are really picky beggars, I got a chance to use it in anger last night. This image was auto-guided through a 200mm telephoto lens, and I need to sort out the flexure as there is some trailing.


VC200L at f/9
Trifid 2 6303 L=17x240s binned 1x1, R,G&B=7x120s binned 2x2

I'm really impressed with how flat the field is with this chip, but the vignetting is quite severe, so I'll need to take proper flats for future images.

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